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Serial CB0C049 - Finished July '10. Customer designed shapes for the body and pickguard, as well as customer designed fretboard inlays. Translucent white Swamp Ash body, Tigre Caspi neck, one of only two sets of 5 lead Lace Alumitone pickups, piezo bridge.

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Custom Electric Guitar    Custom Electric Guitar

Custom Electric Guitar    Custom Electric Guitar    Custom Electric Guitar    Custom Electric Guitar    Custom Electric Guitar

Custom Electric Guitar    Custom Electric Guitar    Custom Electric Guitar    Custom Electric Guitar    Custom Electric Guitar


BODY: Hand made at Onyx Forge - Customer designed body and pickguard shapes, translucent white Swamp Ash; belly and arm contours; sculpted heel with recessed neck screw ferrules; L. R. Baggs piezo hardtail bridge; barrel style straplocks, chrome hardware; Spalted Burl Maple control cover under gloss nitro; custom Maple burl pickguard under satin nitrocellulose lacquer; rear loaded controls; Ebony dome knobs; custom Macassar Ebony pickup mounting rings under satin nitro; all screws polished 18-8 stainless steel, except nickel PUP ring mounting screws. This is an elegant design that has great balance, plays comfortably, and allows unfettered access to the 22nd fret. One of a kind.

NECK: Hand made at Onyx Forge - 22 fret Ebony fretboard with customer designed Paua Abalone inlays on Tigre Caspi; 13 degree tilt 3/side "WB" headstock; double acting truss rod adjustable at nut; Macassar Ebony truss rod cover under satin nitro; Paua Abalone Onyx Forge logo; 12" radius fretboard; 25.5" scale; medium jumbo polished stainless steel frets; "U" profile with rolled edges; recessed & filled fret slot ends; Grover locking 18:1 tuning machines; top loaded flanged zinc alloy threaded inserts for strength and outstanding sustain; 1 5/8" nut width; custom laminated Graphite & brass alloy 260 nut; back and sides natural under satin nitrocellulose lacquer; headstock face gloss nitro.

ELECTRONICS: Include a pair of special 5 lead Lace Alumitone HBs with a L.R. Baggs piezo bridge for magnetic / piezo output in mono or stereo.

  • MAGNETICS: Loaded with an almost unique set of Lace 5 lead Alumitone HBs. The Alumitones are a revolutionary design to begin with, and sound outstanding. There are only 2 factory made 5 lead sets in existence, both made for Onyx Forge through the good graces of Jeff Lace. The volume and tone controls are push / pulls, the volume pulled switches the Alumitones to series mode, the tone pulled de-phases the neck pickup to the bridge pickup and piezo bridge; each magnetic pickup features a dedicated 3 way mini switch that takes advantage of the 5 leads, switching the coils within each Alumitone to series / split / parallel modes. Both pickups are routed through a balance / blend pot with a middle detent for a very wide tonal range. All internal wiring channels and cavities are coated with grounded conducting paint for very quiet operation.

  • PIEZO: An L. R. Baggs hardtail piezo bridge combined with a Baggs Control X preamp. The preamp features a pot, 3 way switch and a push / push stereo / mono switch. The 3 way selects for output of piezo / mag / both. The pot acts as a balance / blend pot in the mono mode, or the piezo volume in the stereo mode. The guitar was supplied with an L. R. Baggs 'Y' cord, which allows separate feed of the piezo and magnetic signals into 2 amps or 2 separate channels. The guitar works with a standard jack in the mono mode.

  • Unitec level 1 heavy duty case, black ampfelt exterior, ball corners, full length hinge, heavy duty handle, custom fitted recessed interior in black.
  • 15' stereo to 2 mono channel 'Y' cable
  • Truss rod and bridge saddle wrenches, dust cloth, user manual written for this custom, 10 year warranty.


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    So.... what are you waiting for? Give me a call and get a price on a one of a kind custom electric guitar based on your specs. It's probably less expensive than you think.

    Roy B.




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